15 Nov

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has really let himself go


More nudity

10 Aug

FaceTweet it!

Looked up supermarket for something at work… and this is what happened

I beleive a simple WTF will suffice.

Also… didn’t know you could get bald guinea pigs… or has someone shaved the poor bastard?!

A beautiful pensive cow

23 Jul

Like This!


Hmmm…I wonder what she’s thinking about… probably the fact that she has three cocks down there instead of udders.

Another festive treat

21 Jul

Like This!

Thanks to Chris Dowson (@dasgrafik), one of ShutterWHUT?! most loyal and obliging fans for this one…

Reindeer or a particularly festive peanut…I’ll let you decide! Meanwhile I thought I’d utilize the brilliance of the image’s BLANK SPACE FOR YOUR MESSAGE THANK YOU PLEASE..

Mebbeeees I be an artiste too hurrrr hur hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

This shit…

21 Jul

Like This!


Seriously…did this person click ‘save’ on Illustrator and think, “OMG that’s the greatest most amazing drawing ever in the history of mankind…my eyes..they are not worthy…i must sell this work on Shutterstock!!!!!111!!!11”

If i hadn’t just eaten a delicious meal followed by an almost out of date but bargain priced cream egg, i would vomit into my computer to create a vector of this standard and send it to them.

Before and after

16 Jul

Like This!

Should be on an ad for keeping people off crack…

You start off as the one on the right, then next thing you know you’re flashing your minge for the paps and falling out a limo, looking like the one on the left. The worrying thing is the artist described it as TWO attractive women.

Go and book an eye test soon….

Copycat! copycat!

6 Jul

Like This!

Sitting on your ass tracing Disney and the like pics and passing them off as your own like a twat!!

I love the fact they try to pass them off as different animals, behold! Eeyore, the Donkey, or as the artist (a loose term) puts it, a sad HIPPO. Yes well done you gave him little ears, but that’s still Eeyore you TWAT!

Here’s everyone’s favourite Bambi! No? Sorry its a “funny horse with a golden hoof” apparently, WTF?! How does Bambi resemble a horse anyway and why is it bloody pink…and the golden hoof..huh?!?!?

I’m pretty sure this is from Brother Bear, they think they can avoid copyright issues by putting a poorly drawn red nose on it. It doesn’t even make sense, it looks like the person who put the nose on didn’t draw the rest of it. I mean they’re not exactly original, but they obviously worked out how to use Illustrator, and the nose looks completely different!

God this guy can’t leave Bambi alone, here’s little skunk Flower traced for you to enjoy. I like how they still call it a skunk but it’s not even skunk coloured… aren’t they black and white?! And again with the red nose thing!!

Hmm, this elephant doesn’t remind me of Dumbo one bit….

And here’s a copy of that scene from the Sword and the Stone where Merlin’s magically packing up his house and Archimedes the owl is hopping from book to book. My god, he hasn’t put a red nose on it, well done.

Wow, what an original BUNNY character, with another red f***ing nose.

Apparently this is a mouse resting. No it’s Blinky Bill, a KOALA. Idiot.

Oh look more amazing original work, not copied from the Ecco the dolphin’s case at all…

The bottom line is, if your going to draw something and sell it, at least have the decency to sell something original. I dread to think what else this guy’s copied from not so well-known sources! Traced or not, this person can use the tools, so f***ing learn the trade properly like the rest of us, or Raptor Jesus will show no mercy and eat your neck. Try coping with your head when you have no neck!! Idiot!